Welcome to Constant Listener

The idea for the site is a simple one—that the medium of podcasting has a need for artistic criticism in the same vein that music, film, and television already enjoy. It is by close examination that the public grows in their ability to better understand the craft. As my multi-hyphenate friend Devon Taylor has said on the subject, a good critic instructs the viewer how to better see, and it is the aim of this site to help give listeners a better vocabulary and understanding of how to listen more fully.

There are a few ways that we’ll be approaching this aim. Once or twice a week I will be writing longer pieces, analyzing trends, particularly excellent episodes of shows, interviews with creators, and much more. In addition I’ll be linking to the writing of others on the subject that I find to be exemplary, and creating discussion around that as well.

Podcasting encompasses just about every facet of our modern life, and I definitely try to listen to as broad a swath of the programs available as possible, so expect this site to be just as varied in its content.

Finally, if you have a show that you feel would be a good fit, don’t be shy. Send me an email or a Twitter DM and let me know about it!

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